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Privacy Revolt of The 'Facebookers'

President Bush Violated Wiretap Law, Judge Rules

Identity Theft Victim Recovers Big Time From Credit Bureau That Just Couldn't Correct Obvious Errors

Marketing Consent
Forget the advocates. Now marketing companies are jumping on the "Informed Consent" bandwagon.

Paid To Surf -- Or Sleep?
Software programs aim to rip off "Paid To Surf" companies.

"Internet Privacy": An Oxymoron In Progress?
Breaches, big and little, are adding up.

What Goes Up . . . (The DoubleClick Story)
The Internet Ad company grabs role of leading bogeyman.

Privacy Has A Caucus
Unprecedented move by Mssrs. Shelby, Markey, Bryan and Barton signal growing Hill interest.

Specialists: 'Carders' Target Credit Numbers
First there were hackers. Now there are "carders." Better check your credit card statement.

Been 'Smiffed' Lately?
Computer Expert Richard Smith sniffs around, Alexa and HTML-based e-mail, and finds more privacy concerns.

(Would-be) Presidents Are Talking
For the first time, privacy is emerging as an issue in the Presidential campaign -- via candidates Steve Forbes and Bill Bradley.

Privacy v. Commercial Speech
In a shocker, the U.S. Supreme Court chooses privacy over commercial speech, upholding a purpose test for public records.

Privacy & The Journalist
A 1973 children's book provides a guide for scribes on the thorny issue.

Watch Out TRUSTe!
There's a new seal on the block, "Secure Assure," and it promises to put Internet users first.

Who's @Home In Your Computer?
High-speed cable modem Internet access may open your computer to network neighbors.

Driving Miss Data
Wait 'til you see what this patented surveillance system could reveal about your in-car activities.

Not So Anonymous
Richard Smith finds imperfections in services promoting anonymity.

Know Your Taxpayer
Would electronic delivery by the IRS prompt a flood of tax records to mortgage companies and credit bureaus?

Dozens Apply For Chip Implant
What gives? People agree to have a tracking chip implanted in their hands. Major corporate and military players appear worried they've been beaten to the punch.

Good Privacy = Good E-Commerce
(& Vice Versa)
Two more surveys confirm that failure to address Internet users' privacy concerns is seriously hurting e-commerce.

Key Gaffe, or Key Conspiracy?
Microsoft denies it's in bed with the National Security Agency, but some are having trouble explaining way its mystery "NSA-Key."

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